Toronto, ON

Years Playing

15+ years competitively

Tables Played On

Tornado, Fireball, Warrior, Fabi

When and How I Started Playing

My high-school was predominantly Italian – playing ‘gits’ at lunch and after-school was practically part of the curriculum. Fortunately I learned pretty quickly and was able to supplement my lunch money on a regular basis. Some nights my usual partner Bill M. and I would be challenged by older hustlers who would cruise the Italian pool halls looking for easy targets. It would get pretty heated when we would keep winning and the hustlers would think they were the ones being played! After high-school, I didn’t play competitively until 10 years later while working in Hong Kong. A basketball friend mentioned he was going to a foosball tournament at Bahama Mama’s bar, and the rest is legend! Well, not exactly… it quickly became apparent my fastball-only skills weren’t enough, and I reluctantly learned how to pass and do ‘set shots’ from the many skilled players who were passing through HK (like Alex Tsang from California who had the first ‘un-raceable’ shot we’d ever seen). Soon after we had a HK Foosball Association and a pretty good DYP scene going, despite just 1 Tornado table.

How that led to Tournament Play

I returned to Toronto three years later just as Valley/Gilchrist Vending re-introduced Tornado and started a foosball league. That rapidly led to tournaments in Ottawa, Buffalo and the bright lights of Las Vegas! And now of course we have rocking monthly tournaments at Teamplay Foosball!

Outside of Foosball

Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Toronto from an early age. Graduated from McGill University and now managing a software development team for a Canadian financial institution. I have a loving (and fortunately understanding) wife and 2 young children that are my greatest achievement!

Title Won

  • Open Doubles
    • NY State 2016 (2nd place)
    • Canadian Nationals – Ottawa 2016 (1st place)
  • Open Singles
    • NY State 2016 (2nd place)
    • US Open (Fireball) 2012 (3rd place)
  • Elite Doubles
    • Tornado Worlds 2016 (1st place)
  • Elite Singles
    • KY State 2016 (3rd place)
  • Pro Doubles
    • Maryland State 2016 (1st place)
    • IFP Nationals 2014 (1st place)
    • IFP HOFC 2013 (1st place)
    • US Open (Fireball) 2012 (1st place)
  • Pro Singles
    • Tornado Worlds 2016 (3rd place)
    • IFP Nationals 2015 (3rd place)