Table Soccer Association of Canada

A few words about us

Table Soccer Association of Canada

The Table Soccer Association of Canada (TSAC) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide growth, development and leadership to all Canadians playing table soccer.

TSAC is composed of regional and local table soccer clubs across the country. Together we provide opportunities for all Canadians to learn, participate and compete in the sport at all levels. We are currently made up of three regional and nine local associations. Our player base includes approximately 300 active pro-tour players and approximately 700 recreational players from coast-to-coast.

Our Vision

While a large part of the association is to encourage recreational and amateur play in Canada, TSAC also focuses on sending a professional national team to compete at the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) World Cup each year. By promoting the sport at local and national levels, our vision is to continue to grow and improve our player base in Canada. With the help of local volunteers and passionate players, we focus on fostering a smooth transition from entry to excellence at all ages. In addition to the benefits of healthy competition and team play, a primary goal is to send top-ranked national men's, women's, youth's and senior's teams to the world cup.

A Brief History

The history of table soccer in Canada is very similar to many other countries. Pre-World War II, tables were made for people's home using pieces of wood as the playing figures. After the war, tables were being imported to the major urban areas of eastern Canada where Garlando became the preferred table of choice. Beginning in the 70's, leagues and recreational foosball games in eastern Canada was played on Garlando tables. Over in western Canada, Tornado became the table of choice. Today, Western Canadian players primarily use Tornado tables, while eastern players use a mix of Garlando, Tornado and Bonzini.

Competitive Foosball

Competitive foosball in Canada has been growing steadily over the last few decades; competetitive weekly leagues exist in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres, and Chicoutimi. There are approximately 1000-1500 competitive players in the country! Every year, the world's best table soccer players compete in the International Table Soccer Federation's World Cup.